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German course for mother with child

Курсы немецкого языка для мам с детьми.

German course for mother with child in Vienna– Mutter&Baby Deutschcafé in Wien.

Every two months, German course are held for mothers with babies or children, which facilitate everyday life as well as visits to doctors and offices.
These German course where young mothers learn German together with their children, are designed so that you learn to speak German as quickly as possible. This is a good preparation to start working after maternity leave. The courses help mothers to look for a new and better job that may not have been considered before due to language deficits. It is also a good opportunity for the children to prepare for kindergarten, play with peers and get used to the German language.

    How are these courses regulated?

  • German courses in Vienna take place twice a week from 9-11 a.m.
  • usually either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Most courses run over a period of two months (8-9 weeks).
  • On average, the course lasts 40-45 school hours.
  • The price depends on the number of lessons and is between 220 and 240€.
  • The courses are conducted in small groups of 6-8 mothers

      We have designed an interesting and original program that teaches grammar as well as conversation using the following methods:

    • we work on topics that are necessary for everyday life in Austria (e.g.: visits to doctors and offices, shopping, looking for jobs)
    • learn how to fill in important forms (e.g. registrations for kindergartens or schools)
    • doing Grammar exercises, homework and exams
    • learning through games; creative, multimedia and practical exercises done in the children’s play corner. (Recent research suggests that the brain learns languages faster, when it deals with something else. In our case, the extra activity is playing with the child during class. Our results confirm the effectiveness of this method. Usually a language level in other institutions is worked out in 80-90 lessons. With us mothers learn the basic level A1/A2 in half this time.)
    • We adapt the material to the individual needs of the participants. During the first lessons we identify the topics the mothers want to work through and we discuss where they have shortcomings and where they want to concentrate.

    German course for mother with baby

    Many mothers wonder if learning with the children is possible
    Let’s hear reports from participants who did the course in September 2018 and improved from level A1 to B1 within half a year:


    Dorota: I can confirm it. Mothers with children overcome all hurdles – who else if not us? This is the second time I’ve been there. In the courses, you learn the German language very quickly and have the opportunity to exchange ideas over coffee in the morning. I can recommend it with a clear conscience.

    Dominika: I can only recommend it. I have learned a lot, and I will definitely continue the course at the next language level. A great atmosphere, a very friendly and understanding teacher and a good way of learning with the children.

    Our classroom is located in the 16th district of Vienna, Kirchstetterngasse 60 (near the U6 station Josefstädterstraße and tram lines 2, 44 and 46). The classroom is perfectly equipped to learn German with babies, effectively and in a pleasant atmosphere

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